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Welcome to Develup, my home of development, where I keep everything I have built, am building and would build in the near future.

If you are on this page, I reckon you are quite interested in looking at my projects. In that case, allow me to show you my top projects:

  1. Google Summer of Code 2018 – Raw video container format
  2. libfuse based FrameServer (AVI) based on OpenCine’s OCcore library
  3. HLang Scripting Language for HelenOS microkernel Operating System
  4. Kai Gesture Contol Device Windows Service & Software Development Kit

If you know me, I am more of an open source person, for it helps me know the internals of systems better, to meet great people and to have my code have infinite audits, and be of practical use to both users and other developers. I have worked in the following open source projects:





Want to know more about me? Head over to my youtube channel or my blog where I share all my ideas.

The following is a list of all the other developments that you would want to have a look at (in no particular order).

A SYSTEM TO KEEP DIRECTORIES ON TWO DISTANT LINUX MACHINES IN SYNC Project link: Github The backstory The summer of 2018 was just along the corner and I had to get an internship... somewhere, for I was in the 3rd year of my graduation and was interested in working on a real-life project (also, it's kind of important to complete an industrial internship to get the B.Tech degree). In any case, I tried to apply for many different companies, however, was most excited about Socialcops. I applied for the internship as a backend developer and got a great email. The ...
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Google Summer of Code is an annual program undertaken by Google to promote open source development and bringing potential developers(students) closer to open source organizations. I was a part of Google Summer of Code 2018 as a student software developer, working with Apertus Association. My project on Google Summer of Code Website can be found here: It was one of the six projects undertaken by Apertus Association in 2018. The mentors for this project were Georg Hofstetter (g3gg0) and Andrej Balyschew (BAndiT1983). GSoC codebase submission: Index Aim of the project System under consideration - Apertus AXIOM Beta An ...
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