Content vs “Pillar Content”

So this is one of those posts which comes directly after an “Influence”, and this time my influencer is Gary Vaynerchuk (Geez, I could not even write his surname without a spelling mistake).

In any case, this is what he told that stuck to me quite quickly. It was and I don’t suppose I am quoting:

The only reason one is not able to push content is because they think it is content. Stop making content and start documenting it. Stop stratergizing when it is just not needed. To begin doing things, literally begin doing things.

In a gist, one will never be able to know everything. And that is the reason I always feared creating anything: “What happens if this situation occurs? What will I do when this other situation occurs? What will I do then? Do I know enough?”. And that is the thing: One will never know enough. So just begin.

If you don’t understand where it is coming from, let me bring a few things into perspective. I had always loved one thing: sharing ideas and concepts, and helping others. One of the reason, if not the reason I failed is while I was trying to build audience on facebook or creating content for my channel on youtube, I was deliberately putting in too much effort in creating. In fact, that is not the problem, the problem is that I was just not… me. And that is the root of all those problems. Whenever I created videos, at the back of my head, I was thinking whether I am looking fine? Am I sweating a lot? Is the exposure right and so on… While I never say it is not correct to look these things over, but doing these petty things (or what we call in Computer Science, premature optimisation) is one of the good reasons why one stops doing things alltogether.

The main concept is this… those contents that you think will take you to heights will be and should be just 1/10 or even 1/100. Other need not be that perfect. Hell, there is Super Bowl only once a long time… does it mean that the players do not practice during rest of the time?

I hope that I use this piece of wisdom as I grow and develop into a better version of myself.