Python it is then

So, it’s been a while that I have actually studied a programming language in detail. Last one was C++ and that was around 3 years ago.

While it was all fun till now, but the new age has moved on to the pseudocode programming language – Python. So I decided to catch up

So this is day 1 of this journey.

Although I have tried python in the past, it was just for it’s use and then leave. I am not that kind of guy. My projects are what I understand thoroughly. And programming language in a tool to make that happen.

If one has used hammer multiple times here and there to fix things, it does not mean that he knows each and everything about it. So is my case with python.

So, I begin with day 1, learning tuples and lists.

Look at the gihub repo here for my commit this day.

The book I am using is Dave Kuhlman’s A Python Book

Wish I keep continuing in this direction. 🙂