How to make a blog site – guide for developers

What is going on?

Being a developer I never feel good untill I really own the thing. And so is the case with my website.

Well why not? I have paid for the thing right?

Yes, I have paid a chunk of money, although my father’s money ;-P in getting hold of my website (

So the question is what were my requirements really for a website?

It was simple:

  1. To have a place to host my thoughts
  2. To have a place where I can put up my CV etc so that everyone can see it (Job prospects lol)
  3. To have a place which can act as the landing page for all my projects (atleast the big ones).

So how did I go with it?

Well, leaving the CV part and the landing page for my projects, I am left with the blog part of this website. And I want to customise it as much as I can.

If you are a developer and you like markdown just like me, and want to focus on things that matter and leave out the unnecesary chunks; go on, consider these:

  1. Install wordpress, do not shy. As a developer, there are much more things that need your concern than tinkering with html codes and getting things to center up. Quite frankly, with the different rendering engines of different browser it is hard to say whether a div you wrote will be centered exactly on the screen every little time.
  2. Install a markdown editor to replace your actual wordpress editor. Only a true developer knows how important is to not touch mouse unnecessarily. Believe me, this will allow you to write more in less time and you quite frankly have so much time left for other things then.
  3. Install the cat theme. I used the theme put up here: A big shoutout to the creator.
  4. Install a syntax highlighter plugin. This will really help you illustrate better on your website. You have more control now 🙂
# This is an example python code which does nothing
from nothing import everything as universe
doSomething = universe.give_nothing()

5. Just write and keep disturbance aside. Your blog is where you share ideas. Be frank and be free.

Happy developing!